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Meet Danica-Lea



Danica-Lea is one of Australasia's leading environmental health practitioners, a four times best selling author and a renowned international speaker. 

With a degree in science (environmental health), a PhD in biodiversity and human health* and over 15 years in practice and research, Danica-Lea draws on her wisdom and expertise to empower people living in cities to reconnect with nature.

With a natural ability to write complicated concepts into layman's terms, Danica-Lea uses biophilia to explain the connection between nature and health, and infuses inspiration, warmth and love into her teaching.

*PhD in revision



“Danica...is an excellent communicator able to convey facts and feelings in tasteful balance - an excellent trait as a teacher and facilitator.”   

Giovanni Esposito, Australia

“I really liked the assignment of the forest bathing! I went out and got some nature time again today.” 

Jelynda, U.S

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